April 2012 Announcements

Muslim Writers Publishing just published a new children’s book:

Hind’s Hands – A Story About Autism 

Authors: Umm Juwayriyah and Juwayriyah Ayed
Illustrated by Emma Apple



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February 2012 Announcements

February 23, 2012: the 5th book in the Islamic Rose Books series, Reunion, is now published and released. See www.islamicrosebooks.com

Announcing the Wikipedia page for Islamic Fiction has recently been upgraded and updated with new content by the Islamic Writers Alliance Inc. Board of Directors member Balqees Mohammed.

Work is still in progress and additional content will be added in the next  few days/week. To visit the Wiki  Islamic Fiction site go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_fiction

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January 2012 Announcement

For all you fans and readers of the Islamic Rose Books series I have some NEWS for you. I have written the 5th book in the series and the manuscript is currently in design. I hope to have the book published and released before the end of February.  You can check back here to learn when it becomes available to purchase.

This 5th book is titled Reunion. Two years after the summer when all Rose’s Hijab Ez Friends moved away and Fahd and Abdul returned to Saudi Arabia, Rose unexpectedly meets a new friend, Keysha. Keysha is a Muslim and an African-American. She has a younger brother named Sammie who is trouble with a capital “T”. Sammie has a genius IQ and he suffers from an identity crisis.  Sammie and Rose have something in common. You will recall how Rose makes PLANs when confronted with a challenge or problem? Sammie makes plans too, but his plans don’t solve problems…they make more problems.

Rose and Keysha work out their own PLAN  with the help of the other Hijab Ez Friends to try and help Sammie before another disaster strikes.  Lots od surprises in this book for my readers to enjoy. 🙂

NEWS item 2 -New Islamic Fiction Books:

Children and Youth Books:

A Medial for Nabila by Zakia Iman Shahbaz

Trophy for Bilal by Zakia Iman Shahbaz

The Big Blue Bicycle by Zakia Iman Shahbaz

The Ocean Meridians by Zakia Iman Shahbaz

The Shawiya Warrior Princess by Zakia Iman Shahbaz

Ages 8 to 12:

Stair Series – by Nur Kose,

Book 1: Trouble With Babysitting

Book 2: Allergy Attack

Book 3: Yusuf’s Robot

Book 4: Time Travel

Youth Book:

A Hen in the Wardrobe by Wendy Meddour

Children’s Books:

Ramadan Moon by Na’ima Robert

Going to Mecca by Na’ima Robert


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New Announcements

November 17, 2011 Announcement

 New book added to the Islamic Fiction Books listing:
The Poor King
Author: Asma Iftikhar
Reading level + 7 year olds


Islamic fiction books for the list of recommended reading:

Onion Tears authored by Shubnum Khan; adult reading level, available at: http://www.penguinbooks.co.za/book/9780143527961/

Jannah Jewels authored by Umm Nura is a chapter-book adventure series. The Treasure of Timbuktu, also by Umm Nura is now available with an upcoming Teacher’s Guide.  See www.JannahJewels.com

 Grandma Lives With Us authored by Nazli Currin  See at www.nazlicurrim.com


June 5th, 2011 Announcement

There is a new page on the Islamic Fiction Books site: New! Keysha and Reunion. Reunion is the new 5th book in the Islamic Rose Books series scheduled to be published in the fall of this year.


New IF Book Added to List

Title: A Treasury of Ialamc Values For Children.

Authors: Hibah Hassan, Haya Hassan, Zineb Messaoui, Ameena Golding, Xeneb Shah. Editor: Tajwar Hassan, 

 Age Level: 6-12.


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Fractured – New Chapter Published

June 15, 2011

A new chapter to the online book in progress: Fractured, has been published. Chapter 6 -Sophie was written by the author of Fractured and her good friend and author, Soumyana.

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July 3, 2011 Announcement

New Book Reviews

Review of Gotcha! by Balqees Mohammed  
In this second of the Rainey Walker series, L.D. Alan shows once again expertise in knowledge of themes that only those from venues of law enforcement can possibly have access to, in addition to insight into the Muslim community within the American society, not to mention uncanny insight into the criminal mind, as only the most professional profiler could. As with the first book of this series, “Catch Me If You Dare”, “Gotcha!” proves to be a total and satisfying novel within its own rite, yet picks up cleverly where the previous novel left off without missing a step, and eventually leaves the reader desiring more with the hope of yet another sequel to follow. Never boring in the talented weave of the mystery that unfolds, L.D. Alan craftily avoids the need to delve into explicit sexual scenes, gory horrid details of violence or obscene language, while presenting the highest quality of mystery entertaining to young adults and elders alike. A breath of fresh air in today’s age of increasingly explicit scenes bombarding us from all angles, L.D. Alan’s work is highly recommended for all desiring a return to the validity of a clean suspense which can engage even the most anxious of minds.

Review of Catch Me If You Dare by Balqees Mohammed

L.D. Alan, author of “Catch Me If You Dare” shows expertise not only in the social aspects of Muslims in the American community, but in themes and topics that only those with inside lines to law enforcement can possibly have.

A beautifully and carefully crafted interweave of Islamic values compounded with the openness of the western non-Muslim way of life, and balanced out by professional portrayal of the criminal mind as the mental steps are taken in the journey of the development of the crime, L.D. Alan keeps the reader avidly turning the page one after the other, always seeking for the solution or final culmination of the story.

The end of “Catch Me If You Dare” leaves the reader appalled by the sudden turn of events, with a finalizing culmination which answers all the questions raised throughout the buildup from page 1, yet craftily leaves the reader hungrily hanging in wait for the continuation of the sequel promised to come.

A mystery of caliber equal to even the best on the mainstream bestseller lists, yet free of explicit love scenes, obscene language and gory horror details to the extent that you would not be wary to have your ten-year old read, while entertainingly suspenseful enough and down-to-earth real characterization enough to hold the attention of even the most savvy of adult readers.

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New Islamic Fiction Announcements

As Salaam’Alaykum

The Islamic Fiction Books blog was created to provide readers with information about Islamic Fiction and its authors and their books.

May 6,2011

Announcement # 1 – May 2011, Author Linda D. Delgado announced that the first ebook in her new youth Islamic fiction mystery series: Amel and Rym Mysteries – The Case of the Missing Hijab is expected to be released in June 2011 in a PDF version available for purchase from the author directly or in a Kindle version from Amazon.com.

Announcement # 2 – If you have written and had published a fiction book meeting the definition for Islamic fiction and would like your book listed on this blog site please contact Widad at widadld@yahoo.com.

Note–Currently there is a page for a new novel being written chapter by chapter on the blog site: Fractured: An Islamic Fiction Story. The chapters are posted from time to time as the story unfolds.

Linda Delgado, Blog Owner-Admin

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