New Islamic Fiction Announcements

As Salaam’Alaykum

The Islamic Fiction Books blog was created to provide readers with information about Islamic Fiction and its authors and their books.

May 6,2011

Announcement # 1 – May 2011, Author Linda D. Delgado announced that the first ebook in her new youth Islamic fiction mystery series: Amel and Rym Mysteries – The Case of the Missing Hijab is expected to be released in June 2011 in a PDF version available for purchase from the author directly or in a Kindle version from

Announcement # 2 – If you have written and had published a fiction book meeting the definition for Islamic fiction and would like your book listed on this blog site please contact Widad at

Note–Currently there is a page for a new novel being written chapter by chapter on the blog site: Fractured: An Islamic Fiction Story. The chapters are posted from time to time as the story unfolds.

Linda Delgado, Blog Owner-Admin

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5 Responses to New Islamic Fiction Announcements

  1. Aishah says:

    Asalaamu Alaikum

    I’m hooked!

  2. Dawoud says:

    I too am hooked! This promises to be a great story!

  3. Sahdia Khalid says:

    Salaamu alaikum,

    Interesting story, it took my attention from the first sentence and held it until the end. I’d like to know how it continues and ends. 🙂

    wa salaam,

    Sahdia Khalid

  4. Assalaamu alaikum.

    Liked the story…looking for ward to more editions on it.

    As for the response to the continuing harrassment from this ‘Jualybib’…whoever…I think that the very headline you have give this is exactly what this person is looking for…notification and public mention of name. Actually, I think that you have given this harrasser more than what they are worth.

    The continuing explanation and definition of IF is great…but I would, in the future, give less publication and notification of this person’s name. Unless, of course you would perhaps give them notoriety by mention of something like: “Once Again Julaybib Ayoub Attacks Islamic Fiction With the Highest Degree of Ignorance”.


    • Salaams Sister Balqees

      Thank you for your comments. I have taken your advice and made some minor revisions to the article reference the harassment and the person trying to discredit the Islamic Fiction classification of fiction.

      I am pleased that you enjoyed the first chapter of my new IF story, Fractured. I am working on Chapter 2 and it should post this next week. Widad

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