July 3, 2011 Announcement

New Book Reviews

Review of Gotcha! by Balqees Mohammed  
In this second of the Rainey Walker series, L.D. Alan shows once again expertise in knowledge of themes that only those from venues of law enforcement can possibly have access to, in addition to insight into the Muslim community within the American society, not to mention uncanny insight into the criminal mind, as only the most professional profiler could. As with the first book of this series, “Catch Me If You Dare”, “Gotcha!” proves to be a total and satisfying novel within its own rite, yet picks up cleverly where the previous novel left off without missing a step, and eventually leaves the reader desiring more with the hope of yet another sequel to follow. Never boring in the talented weave of the mystery that unfolds, L.D. Alan craftily avoids the need to delve into explicit sexual scenes, gory horrid details of violence or obscene language, while presenting the highest quality of mystery entertaining to young adults and elders alike. A breath of fresh air in today’s age of increasingly explicit scenes bombarding us from all angles, L.D. Alan’s work is highly recommended for all desiring a return to the validity of a clean suspense which can engage even the most anxious of minds.

Review of Catch Me If You Dare by Balqees Mohammed

L.D. Alan, author of “Catch Me If You Dare” shows expertise not only in the social aspects of Muslims in the American community, but in themes and topics that only those with inside lines to law enforcement can possibly have.

A beautifully and carefully crafted interweave of Islamic values compounded with the openness of the western non-Muslim way of life, and balanced out by professional portrayal of the criminal mind as the mental steps are taken in the journey of the development of the crime, L.D. Alan keeps the reader avidly turning the page one after the other, always seeking for the solution or final culmination of the story.

The end of “Catch Me If You Dare” leaves the reader appalled by the sudden turn of events, with a finalizing culmination which answers all the questions raised throughout the buildup from page 1, yet craftily leaves the reader hungrily hanging in wait for the continuation of the sequel promised to come.

A mystery of caliber equal to even the best on the mainstream bestseller lists, yet free of explicit love scenes, obscene language and gory horror details to the extent that you would not be wary to have your ten-year old read, while entertainingly suspenseful enough and down-to-earth real characterization enough to hold the attention of even the most savvy of adult readers.

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    Do you publish Arabic novels?

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