New Announcements

November 17, 2011 Announcement

 New book added to the Islamic Fiction Books listing:
The Poor King
Author: Asma Iftikhar
Reading level + 7 year olds

Islamic fiction books for the list of recommended reading:

Onion Tears authored by Shubnum Khan; adult reading level, available at:

Jannah Jewels authored by Umm Nura is a chapter-book adventure series. The Treasure of Timbuktu, also by Umm Nura is now available with an upcoming Teacher’s Guide.  See

 Grandma Lives With Us authored by Nazli Currin  See at


June 5th, 2011 Announcement

There is a new page on the Islamic Fiction Books site: New! Keysha and Reunion. Reunion is the new 5th book in the Islamic Rose Books series scheduled to be published in the fall of this year.


New IF Book Added to List

Title: A Treasury of Ialamc Values For Children.

Authors: Hibah Hassan, Haya Hassan, Zineb Messaoui, Ameena Golding, Xeneb Shah. Editor: Tajwar Hassan, 

 Age Level: 6-12.–Ed–Tajwar-Hassan-/926.html

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