January 2012 Announcement

For all you fans and readers of the Islamic Rose Books series I have some NEWS for you. I have written the 5th book in the series and the manuscript is currently in design. I hope to have the book published and released before the end of February.  You can check back here to learn when it becomes available to purchase.

This 5th book is titled Reunion. Two years after the summer when all Rose’s Hijab Ez Friends moved away and Fahd and Abdul returned to Saudi Arabia, Rose unexpectedly meets a new friend, Keysha. Keysha is a Muslim and an African-American. She has a younger brother named Sammie who is trouble with a capital “T”. Sammie has a genius IQ and he suffers from an identity crisis.  Sammie and Rose have something in common. You will recall how Rose makes PLANs when confronted with a challenge or problem? Sammie makes plans too, but his plans don’t solve problems…they make more problems.

Rose and Keysha work out their own PLAN  with the help of the other Hijab Ez Friends to try and help Sammie before another disaster strikes.  Lots od surprises in this book for my readers to enjoy. 🙂

NEWS item 2 -New Islamic Fiction Books:

Children and Youth Books:

A Medial for Nabila by Zakia Iman Shahbaz

Trophy for Bilal by Zakia Iman Shahbaz

The Big Blue Bicycle by Zakia Iman Shahbaz

The Ocean Meridians by Zakia Iman Shahbaz

The Shawiya Warrior Princess by Zakia Iman Shahbaz

Ages 8 to 12:

Stair Series – by Nur Kose,

Book 1: Trouble With Babysitting

Book 2: Allergy Attack

Book 3: Yusuf’s Robot

Book 4: Time Travel

Youth Book:

A Hen in the Wardrobe by Wendy Meddour

Children’s Books:

Ramadan Moon by Na’ima Robert

Going to Mecca by Na’ima Robert


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