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What Muslim Readers Say About Islamic Fiction 

The American Muslim Ummah needs more Islamic fiction. So does the rest of American society! Pamela Taylor, Past Director, Islamic Writers Alliance

Storytelling is a traditional Islamic art and the novel brings this art right into the home. Muslims of all ages need the contemporary Muslim story as a vehicle for interpreting the world in an Islamic light. Non-Muslims might also appreciate an insight into the diversity and unity of the Muslim way of life that the art of storytelling can provide. Yafiah Katherine Randall

I support this petition because children love reading fiction, but they usually do not find the role models they need and deserve in mainstream books, which often promote values that are contrary to Islam. My own daughter devours several books a week, and it has been a challenge for me to find the books that will help her grow as a Muslim. By seeing how different characters deal with life’s challenges, Muslim fiction can help our children develop good character and the analytical skills needed to solve everyday problems. Amel Abdullah – Managing Editor, Our Rising Star Magazine

I want to read books about Muslims like me. Saara Khalid

In developing materials and textbooks for Islamic schools I need more Islamic fiction, especially for the middle school grades. Freda Shamma, Educator

I want my kids to be able to read books with Islamic values and Muslim characters. Arif Khalid

Tolerance is increased as familiarity with those different from us is increased. Literature can have a major impact on changing attitudes. Linda Taylor
Many lessons about Islam can be learned through fiction, especially for the children. S. E. Jihad Levine, Journalist

I’d love to see Islamic Fiction on store shelves. What a fresh idea to the boring cookie cutter fiction currently hogging all the space! Brenda Birch
I support this petition because I would like to see credible Muslim Fiction that demystifies Islam for the world. Abdullah Sujee

Fiction is paramount. I believe that for the Muslim Ummah to progress, much more attention should be paid to the creation of culture – perhaps best manifested in the creation of literature, that will offer alternative narratives for, by and about Muslims. Marwa Elnaggar, Editor, IslamOnline

Islamic fiction is critical for ensuring the developing and prospering of young imaginative minds. Fuad Nahdi

Reading is a vital requirement for our children to succeed in schools and become productive members of society. Reading fiction is part of the repertoire out there, and Islamic fiction should be part of every Muslim child growing up in this country. Maryam Theriault

Signed the petition, Muhammad Abdur-Rahman, White Threads Press, Publisher

We need more quality and affordable Islamic materials in the market. Kamalia Kamaruddin

Children’s literature plays an important role culturally, educationally, aesthetically and psychologically in the lives of children. When Muslim children enter the wonderful world of reading they should be able to find an abundance of exciting Islamic literature to enjoy and learn from. And when they leave the stages of childhood as teenagers and then as adults, they should also find Islamic literature that will continue to enrich their lives. We are definitely in need for the publication, promotion, and distribution of more Islamic literature and especially Islamic fiction which will certainly benefit the Muslim community and could be enjoyed by non-Muslims as well. InshaAllah productive steps will be taken towards this goal. Rym Aoudia, Founder and Director of Children’s Literature and Culture League

Our society at large is diverse and includes Muslims; however its cultural knowledge-base does not include Muslims. Libraries are full of stories about other cultures and faiths, and Islam needs to be represented as it is part of the mosaic of the American landscape. Fiction can help Americans relate to their Muslim brethren on an emotional, human level, and that is where peace begins. In addition, I support this petition because Muslims have long suffered a void where fiction is concerned. Our children do not see themselves represented in the stories they read, our teens have no Islamic reading material to encourage growth and shape their worldviews, and our adults have no fiction to entertain them or prompt them to ponder different aspects of the deen and human nature. All this, fiction can accomplish. Najiyah Umm Waheeb, Author

I want my children to have books available to them that speak to their experiences and dreams in life. Shirley Gavin, Illustrator

This is of great importance for the Muslim community in the US. It ties them with their cultural background. keeps their identity alive. Thanks. Ali B Bassan

I am a teacher in a Muslim school, and I testify that there is a great need for Islamic books for children, especially fiction which can be read for pleasure but also contains vital lessons on Islamic morals, values, etc. Justin Ilyas Parrott

As a teenage Muslimah who LOVES to read and write fiction, I know how hard it is to find ‘halaal’ books, books that can be considered okay from an Islamic point of view. There are very few really good Islamic fiction books, & we totally need more of them in the world: for us Muslims, AND for non-Muslims. Zainab bint Younus

Our children, along with adult members of the community, need quality literature. And it good daw’ah. Gail Bailey

Pamela Taylor is absolutely right about fiction reaching aspects of people that non-fiction can’t touch. I emphatically agree that our children need more fiction in their lives. Too many Muslim children don’t have enough imagination, and that’s what fiction feeds. Rukhsana Khan, Author

My kids need quality Islamic fiction! Or else they might keep reading the fictions which does not teach any morals in fact which influences kids to lose morality and makes these morality issues seem attractive. WE NEED ISLAMIC FICTION. Shahida

Literature is where thoughts and cultures are expressed and recorded. So when will Muslims appear on the list of civilizations again? Yosra Mostafa

I definitely support this petition. Iman Kouvalis, Muslim Teacher, Graphic Designer

This is something that is definitely needed. Amy Khan

Yes, we need Islamic fiction! Becky Kirby

My boys do have to read as a requirement for school. I would so love to give them books that help support an active, Muslim youth culture. Celeste Sahar Swaim

I have taught English in Saudi Arabia for many years and am interested in writing fiction books that help teach English language for Moslem children … Mariam

I remember the first time I came in contact with Muslim fiction thru one of Yahiya Emerick’s Ahmad Deen books…It was powerful just to find a character in a real book who had to stop to pray… Ebadur Rahman

Let’s get some stories where the Muslims are not cutting off hands or burning flags. Have a story of some Muslims baking cookies. YAY! Omair Ali

I would like to see more Islamic mysteries having an Islamic protagonist. L.A. Van Veghel (Larry)

That is a great Idea. Insha Allah that will help Muslims and non-Muslims around the world to learn more about Islam in a good way. Obaid Muhammad

I support IF because children, teens, adults, parents, teachers, and communities need and have asked me countless times for English Language Islamic Fiction books. Muslims in other countries outside North America ask for English Language Islamic Fiction books for ESL classes as well. This genre of literature can make positive inroads into the non Muslim’s understanding of Muslims and Islam. Linda D. Delgado , Founder & Director of Islamic Writers Alliance –published author and Muslim Publisher

IWA Support for Islamic Fiction at: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/islamicfiction


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